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Teeth Whitening

Are you noticing that those blueberries, the daily cups of tea or coffee, maybe some red wine, have been catching up to your teeth and dulling your smile? At Opal 21 we can make your teeth ½ shade or up to 3 shades whiter with our teeth whitening treatments.

Single Session


Triple Session


Receive 20% off an at home kit with the purchase of a triple session package

Our staff receives full training with The Teeth Whitening Academy and will guide you through each easy step and answer your questions. Our patented cool blue LED light technology activates our gel formulation, which results in whitening your teeth faster, deeper and keeps them their whitest longer. This has revolutionized cosmetic tooth whitening, in a manner that is safe, effective and pain free. Our proprietary Whitening gel formula is made by 100% all natural ingredients and is safe for tooth enamel.

Guaranteed results at a fraction of the cost

*Prices are subject to change without notice. Please validate the price at time of appointment.